Evil Stick Family TM

Welcome to our newly updated Evil Stick page.  New items and more fun to be had !
All our Evil stick products work well with violet wands as they conduct electricity. Scroll through our page and select your favorites, and order them today !

Evil Stick 1

  Our Evil Sticks have become the rage of the World. I have shipped as many overseas as I have shipped within the U.S.A   It is 10" long, oh so very innocent looking, but watch out! The handles are wovern leather to match our flogger handles. Color choices vary in shades, but the colors are red, blue, black, brown, green, purple, silver, gold or any combination of them.    A big bang for your buck!    $ 15.00 each

Double Evil Stick

Twice as evil, twice the fun!   Snap them at the same time, or one right after the other for a longer effect.  10" long with same braided handle as all the rest. 

Same color choices as above.         Just  $ 25.00 for this toy! Get yours today!

  The " Tormentor " Evil Stick TM  

The Tormentor 1 is fun to use.. leaves nice lil round dots..   It is 10" long, and has a solid wood ball on the tip. Yes it hurts, but not in long stripes as the Evil Stick, but a compact lil dot.  Color choices ..refer to the Evil Stick 1 and same choices for color of your ball.

A nice addition for just   $17.00  each

Tormentor 2 Evil Stick


The Tormentor 2 is just like Tormentor 1 only it has 2 round balls on the end.  Choose one or two colors for the balls.  Just $18.00 each

 " Evil Roses 

Our newest addition to the Evil Stick Family

Our roses may have no thorns, but trust me you will feel the sting of the thorns never the less!  The roses come in red and black only, and are all leather and hand made onto our evil stick. These are sure to surprise any sub or slave who thinks the roses in the vase, on the table, are just so pretty and innocent! Or maybe the Domme who would wear the stick in her hair with the rose as a decoration, and pulls it out to surprise her special someone!  $23.00 each.

Evil Wand


Longer than the evil sticks, whippy, and whistles when you whip it around. 18" long Watch your subject's expression when blindfolded and hearing that whip near the ear ! Same handle choices as above, and it sells for $25.00.  

Xtra Evil Tormentor "Our newest addtion"


The Xtra Evil Tormentor is OMG... an extended version of the Tormentor 1.  It is 18" long and has much more flexibility, and much more effect when it hits. A welcomed addition to our Evil Stick Family!
 You may use the same color choices for the handle and ball.
We are offering this for $2
6.00 each

 Evil Cane  

Our Evil Cane is very evil.. not very flexible, thus the harsh impact. 20" long. Thicker than all our other Evil products and not for the faint of heart.  Same choices as above for handles.
Don't let your toy bag be without one !   Just $2

Elegant Evil Sticks, Wands, Tormentors, Evil hearts

These Are the same exact sticks only I have chosen to make the handles with Glass beads that are very tiny.  Why ? Well you can have far greater color choices, and I can put names or initials, and designs on these for you.  Choose your colors.. choose your name or initial if you wish.. but generally the designs are as shown.. a variety.. strips, twists, confetti, lots of different things I can do.

Prices ? Same prices as all the reg Evil sticks and related items on this page.



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